Danny, 22: Danny's the college bound boy, that seems to have the happy-go-lucky charisma. He's been labeled as the "gay" roommate this season. A label that seems to bother him, because there's more to him than his sexual orientation.
David, 21: At face value David seems to be big, tough and the kind of guy you wouldn't want to run into in the back of an alley. However, there's more to David than what meets the eye, this straight-edger says he doesn't either smoke or drink, I see a big challenge ahead of him, especially during Mardi Gras.
Jamie, 21: Is he the new Colin? We don't think so, while Jamie may have the boy next door looks, but he's a dedicated web man. He graduated from Cornell University and has his own internet business, and will hopefully cash-in. He'll have to divvy his time up in New Orleans to work for both his website and at the TV Station (the task at hand this season). 
Julie, 20: Julie instantly reminds me of Elka from the Boston season. She has the sheltered lifestyle and stands by here religion at all costs, in Julie's case her Mormon beliefs. Watch her evolve on camera and perhaps break that tradition of going to church every Sunday.
Kelley, 22: This is Kelley, the high-maintenance queen. Strong willed, and completely willing and open minded. Kelley is the one you want to watch over this season, she'll try some crazy things! And look she spells her name just like Kelley at Road Rules Online... ;)
Matt, 21: No, it's not Raymond MTV's newest Vee-jay, this is Matt. This white boy turned hip-hop man loves to tag and break dance. And according to Twist magazine he has bigger fish to fry, but we'll just have to wait and see...
Melissa, 23: The eldest of the group this year at age 23! Melissa is Ms. Jekyl and Ms. Hyde. While she loves to laugh and have fun she also loves conflict and can't find away to go on without it. Twist magazine makes a brief hint at Melissa love life, saying she might find her true love in New Orleans, but I say... nah...
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