Cyberland: Episode One: “It’s Nice To Meet You”

Episode One

Edwin: I was really anticipating Cyberland yesterday but I found no email in my mailbox. I checked back again later in the night and thought that it wouldn't come that night, so instead I went to find some other source of artificial entertainment. I downloaded a demo of Roller Coaster Tycoon and then fell asleep while downloading it. I then played the game when I woke up and then when I was finished exploiting the demo to its fullest use, I went to my mailbox and low and behold, I find my invitation to enter the Cyberhouse. Then I read the timestamp and it was a few minutes right before I lulled myself to dreamland. Well, I'm here now, Cybermates, and now that I’m done ranting. I shall introduce myself. My name is Edwin. Yes, Edwin, but don't call me Ed. The name Ed reminds me of a butt-crack-exposing plumber, not of a person like me.

Edwin (Excerpt From Journal): I’m currently unemployed and not in college right now, I am doing nothing with my life practically. I sit in the house all day and watch TV or I go on the computer. Yippee.  

Scott: I just want to let you all know that I am really excited to be doing this and I'm going to try to show you all what I am all about! Renee, what is it like to be a feminist and a cheerleader? At least where I come from, those two are perceived very differently. Basically people here think feminists are bitches and cheerleaders are unintelligent hoes. I doubt that is the case with you, but that’s really cool that you can handle being both.

Edwin: (Confessional): Directly after receiving my "key" to the Cyberhouse, I went directly to the board, since that's practically our sole manner of communication. I expect that our first messages will hopefully introduce a bit of ourselves and jump-start us to regular house conversations. But immediately I notice that Scott jumps the gun and talks about someone that hasn't even entered the Cyberhouse yet (in the metaphorical sense), or at least someone we truly haven't met yet… It's just that Scott’s "unorthodox" entry of the house is just not right... I just feel threatened by someone's introduction. I think it's only proper that I shake someone's hand and introduce myself rather than asking who's gay, who's catholic, who's really a man in disguise...

Scott: (Confessional): Ok, all these people seem pretty cool, but I really do not understand certain things about some people. Renee is cute and she says she is an exception to a lot of rules. That seems really, really cool to me because it shows that she is confident and comfortable with who she is.

Edwin: Scott, I don't really want to look hostile and riled up before everyone actually arrives at Cyberland, but I just want to give you a question to reflect what you could possibly be doing right now with your opening message. Looking into the profiles is okay... but to use the profiles and extort these words to immediately turn them around and use this small bit of information to already ask people somewhat offensive questions is not really a great or orthodox way to start off in Cyberland. I definitely prefer an introduction that is as close to meeting real life acquaintances as possible…

Philip (Confessional): Edwin...I'm not sure. When I first got to the board, I looked at the profiles of everyone; just to see what everyone looked like. A lot of the attitude that Edwin displays is what I thought Scott would have. I guess you can never tell a book by its cover.  I don't know if he was just coming off a bit strong or what

Scott (Confessional): Ok, yesterday's little, first encounter with Edwin was annoying! He wanted to tell me how I came off? Well, um, nobody else had a problem with it and if he read my first message accurately, he would have seen that I was complimenting her in a high regard, not dissing or "extorting” her words? Its all better now, but he was like pulling an authority trip on me and I will not accept that. Yes, all is better now, but he needs to read my whole message from now on, not just bits and pieces or else he will misinterpret what everyone is saying...

Scott: Hey Edwin and everyone else, ok, I see what you mean. I agree and actually really like your idea of us talking and getting to know one another first and not asking questions based on those given profile things because they actually tell not much at all about anything on us… Also though, I really don't think I extorted the words in her profile. Ok, ya, I agree that I communicated my message in the wrong way, and if it came across bad already to anybody, I am sincerely sorry. I just wanted to ask her what it was like to be a feminist and a cheerleader because I admire that in her and think it is a great thing to have different characteristics and not be one set way. Ok, I hope to learn more about everyone now and again, I apologize for that, so lets go on our way and have fun...

Edwin: I’m sorry if attacked you, Scott... I too, did not mean to make it look that way, but it could have. I just don't want anyone to start a fight off in the first few days, but then again, the way I replied, I too could have started a fight… No hard feelings, Scott, right?

Scott: Of course not, Edwin! This is so behind us now, lets go have fun!

Philip: Something tells me you two are gonna be a trip.

Colleen: Well... freaking A... I looked at the bios, trying to figure out who people were and Renee (Dude--side note--I'm trying not to pick on you, this just jumped out at me) so you are a cheerleader and a feminist? Interesting mix. I think first though, the question I have before we debate this or what ever is what exactly is your definition of a feminist? Does your definition fit stereotypes, or go beyond that? Dude, I think it's cool you are a cheerleader, I just can't support. With the programs I've seen, it's just a beauty pageant that forces stereotypes on woman... I mean, at my college, our cheerleaders are really bad... Ok, they suck... but yet, they get more money than the speech program, even though were national champs in debate. But you can blame that on so many things, the male dominated college structure and so on... but who am I to judge anything... I just give what I feel? I'm not in any position to judge. Look at me... I'm a strong Catholic, and a lesbian, and many see that as a huge contradiction.

Colleen (Confessional): Well... even though I don't see these people, and they seem very open minded, I still get worried how my sexuality is going to affect them. It's always been my biggest fear, and will always be my biggest fears. It's so hard to come out to people now. I still get so scared of rejection.

Renee (Confessional): I am going to talk about my first impressions of this whole ordeal... I was surprised how two of the webmates wanted me to explain right away how I could possibly be both a feminist and a cheerleader. Also, the fact that colleen has a hard time seeing how this is possible disappoints me...

Edwin: Colleen, you're an awesome person... I hope we get to know each other better along the way.

Philip: Well, it is nice to say, "hi" to the first female of the house…

Philip: (Confessional): Colleen seems very open.  Happy with herself and willing to do what she can for everyone around her.  She says she's a lesbian, which... well, I don't know. I have friends who are homosexual & we've talked about how I feel about other sexualities. We're still friends. It's one of those things where I've said they're my friends & I'll support them... but that I have concerns with some of what they do.

Edwin: I apologize... I realized that I was so caught up in the excitement and the hype of this project that I forgot to tell you more about myself. Obviously you have noticed that I can be somewhat of a perfectionist… I’m from Huntington Beach and I’m staying here right now in an apartment with a friend from high school. I love the theater and also great film. Eventually, I hope to be somewhat of an actor. I used to be so intent on being in Hollywood or Broadway, but right now I’m just being a slacker...

Philip: I'm want to know some stuff about you guys... let's go ahead & get out all the dirt. So, what do you all do? Work, school... stuff? I guess I'll give a little about myself. I'm from Calvert County in "good ‘ole boy" country in Southern Maryland… I go to school and work at Frostburg State University for like 11 months out of the year. I'm the Western MD Regional Safe Communities Assistant (ack, there's a mouthfull) at F.S.U.'s S.A.F.E. Office doing substance abuse prevention, highway & traffic safety, & peer education. I'm also a R.A. in a residence hall, so I try to keep all hell from breaking loose... that or cause some of it myself. And, I do wrestle - amateur, professional, shoot, and have taken judo... I also do other work for wrestling feds, like promotion & backstage stuff. No love interest... haven't even "dated" since I was a junior in high school. Not that I don't want a relationship or anything; I just don't think I can find a relationship I want right now...

Scott: Wow, that sounds really cool, Phillip. Well, I can't even really imagine what "good ole boy" country is like because I go to school at UC San Diego, obviously a huge town, and I live the rest of the year in Mill Valley, CA., which is 5 mins form San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge. I went to high school in SF and I am a city boy, sorta. I love the beach as well, but I love the city because there are so many things to do. I love going to dance clubs and stuff like that and a lot of concerts. As far as relationships for me, I broke up with my girlfriend of 5 months a little while ago and I am not looking for one right now. Basically, not to sounds too corny, I want some Scott time, just for me, right now and I just want to have fun…

Josie: Well, I guess all the weeks of waiting with baited breath (or keyboards, in this case) have come to fruition... Well, I guess I'll get on with the obligatory introduction! My name is Josephine, you can call me Jo, Josie, Josephine, or the less popular "Shit for Brains" (my brother Hoyt's endearing nickname for myself). I was born in Northern NJ, one of six children, and I lived there until I ventured to NYU at age 18... I graduated in 1997 with a degree in finance… I now work for a book publishing company in New York, handling advertising costs and such… I currently live in Manhattan with my childhood friend Candace and ride the subway to work every morning, dodging the psychos, bums, corporate alligators and run of the mill "titty twisters". I have a fiancée, his name is Darlok, Dar for short (actually, Dar or Darius are the only names he will answer to) He was born in Serbia and moved here at age 6 to find greener pastures. He is a firefighter with the NYFD (yeah, I don't have ten heart attacks a night)... anyway, we are to be married on July 24th, exactly 26 days from now in a Roman Catholic church in NJ. I'm not TOO nervous!

Edwin: Welcome to the cyber house, Josie, and congrats on the engagement! It’s great to hear a love story already on our first day here...and it’s a nice one.

Philip: Wow! Congrats! How long have you & Dar known each other? I'm a Mass Comm major right now with a focus in Public Relations... I'm looking more into Health Promotions, like substance abuse prevention though right now.

Josie: Dar and I have known each other since he was an inexperienced teenager (I can say that because its true), LOL... but anyway, we were both 18 and we met him at a party before I went to NYU... I was dating an acquaintance of his and I was kind of preoccupied with him... I didn't really talk to Dar that much ... 2 weeks later I ran into Dar at Walgreen’s... By then his friend and myself were old news, so the next week we scheduled a date... that fell through, he had to work, so the next night we went out... to a Metallica concert… we shared our first kiss in the dark while it was pouring rain at Giants Stadium… Since then its been pure magic... all six years.


Renee: NEVER been kissed? Really? Very interesting, dear...

Renee (Confessional): Philip has never been kissed?!?!?  Are you KIDDING me?  At 21?  Wow... I need to hear more about this...

Philip: Uh, whoops... yeah, I have been kissed. But nothing big or anything. But I also haven't dated anyone since high school & even then, I wasn't like the big dater in the world. I think that last time I kissed or was kissed by someone who was more than a friend was when I dated this girl my senior year in high school. But it was a relationship that I jumped into without looking & it just wasn't for the best. Plus, she was semi-interested in someone else & that person was also interested in her at the same time. 

Josie: So, as the grandma of the group at 24, I'm wondering who of you young whippersnappers is going to start talking about sex first? I'm game!

Philip: Well, MOM... since you brought it up... what about you?

Josie: Well, I’ve been engaged for 2 years, dating the same guy for six, and getting married July 24th. I'm not a virgin.

Philip: I personally haven't yet. Totally virgin.

Edwin: Heh... you're more pure, and more innocent... and you're a GUY!!! What has the world gone to?!?!?

Philip: LOL! What can I say --- it's a gift...

Scott (Confessional): Ok, this isn't a big thing, but right now at the start I feel a little different and very distant from the guys who are here so far, Edwin and Philip. They both are so pure anyways and that is just so weird to me. Get over it and get a piece of ass all ready... They are definitely cool and open, but I am shocked at how pure they are... I am just so not like that!!

Renee: Ooo weee... lets talk about sex, baby. Like I said before... I have had sex and f***ed, but never made love.

Scott: Wow, you guys are too funny... well, since "mom”, has brought this issue up, I will tell you all also. Well, I am 19 years old and have had sex. I think I have done all three of those categories, and I think there is a definite difference between all 3, that is… between f***ing, sex and making love.

Edwin (Confessional): Well, we're waiting for two more right now... Elizabeth and Joe. I pretty much have a good picture of who Philip, Scott, Josie and Renee are... and colleen left us a good bit of her to think about... so we just gotta wait for Elizabeth and Joe to come in and enter our humble abode. I wonder how they'll be when they come in and we all pretty much know a lot about each other? 

Philip: Well, I guess this is the "first night" that we're all spending together. Too bad we haven't yet met Elizabeth or Joe. Well, I'm running off to bed. I'll be around most all of tomorrow (have a network connection from work). Talk with you all later. Have a good night. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask & I'll get back to you in the morning. Have a GREAT night & talk with you all later.

<End Episode One>

On The Next Cyberland:

Things begin to heat up and tempers flare. Colleen wants to know if anyone else on the board has an “alternative lifestyle” there is, but who? And Josie fiancé’s parents keep harrassing her and telling her not to marry their son. Will their be a wedding after all?