Episode Three: We Like To Party

Previously on Cyberland: The roommates met and started to get to know each other on more of an individual basis, thereís one thing in their wayÖ not being able to interact the way they want? So why not throw a Cyber-party?

Joe: I say we plan a huge party, everybody stock up on beer and liquor and shots and stuff and then we just hang on the computer and party... what do you say

Joe (Confessional): Ok, I feel like the token frat boy in this group. Everybody has these really deep and interesting wishes, and I looked like I was making a joke, But I'm really not! I mean lets just be honest, if you REALLY got three wishes for anything you want.  DONT YOU DARE TELL ME you wouldnít be selfish and try to make things better for yourself. I'm sorry if that comes off as me being egotistical or a real ass, but I'm sorry I would rather have sex with Alicia Silverstone than world peace any day.

Scott: Iím totally for it if everyone else is, Joe, it would be so much fun and totally crazy!

Renee: Ya know what the best damn drinking game is? Its I NEVER, thatís what. I think that we should implement our own version of the game. It will be a fun way to get to know each other. For those of you who do not know how to play (oh, the humanity), a person will post a statement that begins with the words "I never..." if what the person says is a LIE to YOU, you will *drink*. The questions can get really interesting, so someone may request a story if someone *drinks* to an interesting statement. I hope this works... I always have fun playing this game...

Joe (Confessional): Renee- She seems to be the typical sweet, pretty, sorority girl. She's very cute. There is definitely an attraction to the picture and the personality. I also like her full name "Renee Nicole" Oh yeah, Renee, I'm coming after you!

Joe: Well Renee, only the third day and already youíre looking to get down and dirty with your webmates- huh, I've played this game A LOT... I have no shame I'll start... I NEVER... HAD A ONE NIGHT STAND.

Renee: *drink*

Colleen: *drink*

Philip: I never made sex in a public restroom...

Scott (Confessional): ok, ew... sex in a bathroom? A public bathroom is downright disgusting and foul.

Joe: MAKE SEX? :-) No drink from me... I wonít even wash my hands in a public restroom let alone get my groove on 

Joe (Confessional): Phillip- He seems nice. My guess is that he's the stereotypical nice guy. My only reservation so far is that he seems to be way too in to the good guy image. I mean he's a drug and alcohol counselor, which I have nothing against but come one usually those people look for any reason to make you feel like s--- for enjoying a drink. We'll have to see what happens with him.

Renee: No drink from me either...

Joe: Hey, O',m at some gyues house whose having a party and i'mt otally hammered....i've been doing teguila shots for about 15 mkinutes and i havent had an emopty beer cup uet////i miss you guys....i have no clue where i am....always remember JOE LOVES YOU ALL

Scott: Joe, you still there? Party on and have fun! Keep going, youíre a champion!

Joe: Scott man your here./...jhows it going buddy....you should be at this partyu

Scott: Dude, tell me about it. How many shots have you had? Any cute girlies there?

Joe: there are tons of hot guirls here....i'm sorry i'm typing so bad...but shots and computers dont misx/////anyway....i've had quite a few shots and the beer is flowing bro....this is quite a patyu i must say...toobad io have no clue wjhere io am or whose computer i 'm on

Scott (Confessional): Joe is so funny... he is so drunk right now and I am having a conversation with the lush. Joe is real cool to talk to and I can relate to him.


Beth: I consumed mass quantities of beer tonight.... first at the beer garden in Epcot's U.K. pavilion (they had a kickin' Austin Powers impersonator there... Oh Behave!!!) and then drank some more back at my apartment... Now I'm just trying to relax a little before beddy-bye time... Sounds like your night is still goin' strong...

Scott: Well, sorta, I just like to do stuff and go out, so, whatever... but I am definitely jealous of your night! Last night was pretty crazy for me, I kept drinking margaritas and they were sooo good! But it was cool, the guy didnít even card me. Did you read Joes stuff tonight?

Beth: Jealous of my night? It wasn't too special... it lacked nice males... :) Tomorrow should be cool... massive pyro action at Epcot... and more massive beer garden action after I get off work. Not getting carded is definitely a nice thing...

Edwin: First off, I cannot control your lives... I just want to tell you a story. Second, I know I'm probably the most anal-retentive person on the board. Third, I used to drink beer with my friends almost every day when I was sixteen... so I had the experience. But... one of my friends died because of a drunk driver when he was about to be sixteen. This is not a fond memory of mine... but nevertheless, it is a memory. I know most of you have a high tolerance for alcohol and at least stay in control most of the time... so there's no use in telling you to take it in moderation. But...I ask you to NEVER drink and drive.

Joe (Confessional): I donít mean to sound insensitive or anything, but I feel like Edwin is totally preaching to us regarding drinking and driving. I'm 21 years old and believe me, I know the dangersÖ I'm starting to think that maybe Edwin is the roomie, I'm not going to get along with. Can we say self righteous

Scott: Actually, I had to take my friend's car keys from him last weekend because he was so drunk and it was not pretty. He almost got violent with me because he actually thought he could drive. I was so afraid for him, but I got them. As for me, I always get a designated driver, and if we don't, then we don't go out, just stay where we are.

Edwin: good man... thanks for doing the right thing.

Colleen: I understand... I've always had a DD since I was in high school. We had smoked some major pot laced with crack (yes, it really was crack) and I thought I could drive home. I donít remember driving over 40 minutes home. Scary... I still party though, way more then I should, I just stick to alcohol... and lots of it!


Renee: Hey everyone... Iím sorry I havenít been too talkative lately, but my life has been so boring and monotonous that I just felt I had nothing to add to our posts. UNTILÖ this weekend. This weekend was filled with mind-expanding experiences, literally. This past weekend ended up being the best weekend of the whole summer. On the drive home from western, Elizabeth and my ex, Jimmy, convinced me that I should try rolling (Ecstasy). I donít know if any of you remember, but I once posted that I really wanted to try it. Omigod it was the most mind-blowing experiences of my life. There are no words that explain the feeling or how incredibly good it is. All night, I danced with this guy from my high school who was also rolling for his first time. It was the best ever. I definitely suggest trying it ONCE, but not more because it really does bad things to your body. The withdrawal was pretty harsh, too

Scott: Well, oh my god. Crazy. So you did ecstasy and it really made you feel good? Wow. I have no idea how that feels, but are you gonna do it again?

Renee: I definitely would do it again. It is sooooo good and not harsh or as scary as people make it out be. My roll was smooth as silk and it made everything around and about me feel incredible. I loved every minute of it... 'cept the withdrawal. Like I said, I know how bad this stuff is for you, so I donít plan on doing it again for a LOOOONG time. Besides, you have to be in the right place for it. It is often very obvious to others that you are doing it, so it is best to roll in a crowded techno club where others are doing it too. It sounds really silly, but you actually "share" the experience with others around you who are doing it. And you canít go without someone is who will do it with you, preferably someone that you really like. DONíT DO IT ALONE!!!

Scott: Don't worry, I won't be doing it any time soon. I don't know, like, I totally love to party, and yes, ok, I drink, but I am just not a fan of the hard core drugs. I can't help it, but I just don't like that because I don't want to see any of my friends get hurt and it can create hurt.

Renee: I guess I am just really naive and donít understand what "hurt" can come out of ecstasy. I guess I just want people to know that it isnít ANYTHING like cocaine or heroine. It doesnít ruin lives or anything. It certainly doesnít make you obnoxious or rude. Instead, it brings you to this whole new level that lets you see everything in a perfect light for a few short hours... harmless.

Scott: Ok, interesting. Well, it still seems weird to me that you can see everything in a perfect light as you describe, but you can do anything you want to do, just for me I don't like that

Scott (Confessional): Um, hello? Renee. Wow. I really love Reneeís personality and admire her freeness and openness to everything.. .BUT, she says she has a boring week and a boring life and then she has the best weekend of her life due to getting smashed one night and doing E another night? I don't like that. I know itís not true, but she makes that sound like having her state of mind altered was the only way she could have fun. For me, I can have fun anyway, and I do like drinking, but doing a hard-core drug is not my idea of fun. Even when I am drunk, I am in control. It doesn't sound like she was in control and she was like way too excited about being on E. She is still so cool, but I am not taking her suggestion to drop E, ever.


Josie: I'm not in such a good mood.

Philip: You wanna talk? I know it can't be just between us 'cause we're on the board... but I think everyone here is understanding enough to listen

Scott: Josie, are you alright? Are these just normal wedding jitters and nerves?

Josie: Well, here I am. I stayed up all night last night thinking about how fucked up things are right now and how I really don't have any control over it. I've always taken the abuse from my future in laws because I thought that ignoring it and rising above it would be a means to an end. Now I'm realizing that things will never be ok. I will always have a mother and father in law that hate me because I'm me, and a sister in law that will stop at nothing to try and prove to her brother that I'm cheating on him (through anonymous emails, phone calls and rumors started by herself) so he will leave me. I'm totally sick of this, and I'm considering either moving across the country soon after we marry, or just completely denying these people any access to our home. I don't know what to do, I love him, he loves me, we want to marry more than anything, but I cannot be subjected to this the rest of my life, because if I am, Iíll have no life at all.

Scott: Oh Josie, well, I want to help so bad, but I don't know if I can because I have never been there myself and none of us actually, really know what it is like to be you until we experience it ourselves. All I know is that love is extremely powerful. I have never used that term, "love", loosely before, but if you really love him, which it sounds like you do, then things will work outÖ somehowÖ someway...

Philip: Have you sat down with Dar & talked with him about this? What were your original plans after getting married? What does he think about all of this? Maybe you guys can work something out... you've mentioned before that his family is driving him nuts as well - maybe if the two of you can sit down & talk, you'll be thinking at the same level. If not, it could lead to some major probs down the line.

Josie (Confessional): I guess what's really on my mind is my wedding... It's getting closer and closer, yet relations with my future in laws are getting tougher and tougher... what the hell can I do??  "Oh gee, Iím American, sorry about that, how horrible of me, I'll stop that right now" What did they think I was going to be? You move to the US, you're gonna run into one of those goddamned Americans once or twice in your life.

Joe (Confessional): I like Josie. I wonder how she feel's being the oldest one in the house? I mean she is totally doing her thing with her job and her engagement and thatís really cool. I think I want to get to know her more.

<The End>

On the next Cyberland:

The conversations get personal and the roommates start to get to know each other. Edwinís family disowns him, and issues of his sexuality arise.