06.04.00- Thanks to an online news source here's some info on Julie from the new season. Julie is a student at Brigham Young University, and grew up in an isolated home in Wisconsin, where she didn't get cable, let alone MTV. According to this news source, Julie's Mormon beliefs play a big role in this seasons Real World, and also produce a number of funny moments. Also, rumor has it that her parents weren't too fond of her going to New Orleans to be on The Real World. In one episode her father comes to New Orleans to try to talk Julie into leaving the show and coming back home to Provo. Life after the Real World is a bit sketchy for Julie, she wants to go back to school at BYU, but doesn't yet know if they'll take her back because she violated their code of ethic by living with men, let alone in New Orleans. She said that the Real World was nothing than a positive experience in her life, and wouldn't take it back for anything.


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