Below are spoilers on upcoming episodes: So if you want to be surprised, then don't read them!

Episode One: In the first episode we begin with Julie. Julie is a innocent, Mormon, coming from a semi-isolated home, and lifestyle at BYU. She jokes with her strict parents about the living quarters she'll be staying in, in New Orleans. She tells her parents she'll be sharing a room with a guy, but that it's okay because the bed is big. Her parents try to discourage her from going to New Orleans, but alas she does. All the roommates meet in their renovated New Orleans mansion, and hit it off. Within a couple minutes the roommates are all ready discussing deep topics and secrets are revealed. Julie once again discusses he religion with her roommates who are quite surprised by her. During all the commotion of moving in and picking rooms, two roommates (we'll keep this a secret) develop sort of a crush on one another. A crush that will continue to develop the rest of the series. The cast then gets all decked out and experiences there first taste of New Orleans night life on Bourbon St.